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September 7 - 9
Cannon Beach, OR to Bend, OR

Michael Dritlein - Peoria, Arizona

Who are you riding for? Is there anyone in your life who has or had cancer that is your inspiration for participating in the ride?

I am riding for my mom, Claudia. She was diagnosed with glial blastoma in 2022, and after a short, six months passed away on December 10, 2022, at age 73. Too early. It leaves a hole that will never be filled. It also reminds me how lucky I was to have her.

What does this person mean to you?

My mom was always the first person I would call when something good or bad happened. She cared more about my life than anyone in the world and made me feel that every time I spoke to her. My mom always thought of family first and had a way of making everything so special.

What difference do you hope to make as a result of this ride?

Cycling has always been so therapeutic to my life; I hope I can help the others that I will ride with, gain comfort to find the peace in life that the bicycle brings to me. And to everyone out there fighting cancer, the impossible can become possible with perseverance.

What's your message to cancer?

You may take our loved ones and bring misery into people’s lives, but you will never win. Because the love for our lost ones will give us the perseverance to beat you in the end. #curecancer